Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Travel, or Not To Travel...

On July 31st, I had my four year anniversary with my company. It seems almost amazing to me that I have been working and traveling for the same corporation, for such a significant chunk of time. These four years took me from a new, naive twenty something, or an experienced, later twenty something in the business world...

But in the last few months, work has become increasingly stressful. I find myself feeling hopeless and itchy inside the same blue walls without windows, with the same stupid laptop in front of me. My travel soulmate (Karissa) and I chat online all day (love technology) about how we are tired, miserable, want coffee, and want a nap. Our coworkers make us dizzy and confused, and we don't feel motivated to do anything.

My company offers a flexible leave program, where one can take three months off work, unpaid, and return to their job afterwards. The program is meant to compensate for long hours, stressful coworkers, and drain that comes with the job. But it is becoming more and more attractive every day.

I am considering taking this option in January or February 2011, pending some family arrangements. If I were to take it, here is what I would do:

1. Spend the first month sleeping, relaxing, drinking, and cuddling. I think I'd spend the first month traveling from beach to beach. Here are some photos of what I'm imagining:

Bora Bora

Florida Keys

Kauai, Hawaii

Mal Pais, Costa Rica

2. Spend the second month in Asia, visiting my favorite city in the world (Tokyo), and visit bustling new cities like Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Hanoi.

3. Spend the last month in Europe, visiting Spain (sangria and art and dancing and tapas), wine tasting in Portugal, and prosecco tasting in Italy.

It's now a matter of saving all my money, convincing my Karissa, and staying alive for the next few stressful months...