Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ultimate Ticket

This may be a bit sentimental for a travel journal, but I have a sister who is a year younger than me.  After battling cancer for two years and two months, she passed away last night.  As I think about it, I am devastated, because I loved her and I miss her incredibly.

But the other thought that keeps creeping in my mind, is, where is she?  Where did she go?

I've heard that when your time comes, you go to a place called heaven, and you are an angel.  I can guarantee my sister would be the best angel.  She would win over anyone who crossed her path with her charm, interest, and sense of sarcasm.  She is very generous, and loves to shower those around her with gifts, attention, and care.  She is protective.  But where is this place she resides, this heaven?  I guess since no one knows the answer, I can decide for myself.

I image that she is at a resort, with multiple swim up pool bars and all her favorite celebrities are there.  Amy Sedaris, The Fat Bachelor, Carnie Wilson.  They have the same drink list as Cheeseburger in Paradise, and all the Steak n Shake chicken fingers (with honey mustard) one could imagine.  She can smoke a cigarette while floating in her own root beer float pool, and I bet she flew there first class. No, I imagine she took a cruise there, that took a leisurely float around Alaska, the one place she always wanted to see.  And I image there is a perch, made of gold (but she would decorate it with green streamers), where she can stand and watch me, and laugh with me as I take on new adventures in life.

Lucky girl.  I look forward to the day I can fly there first class, and see her again.  At least I know I'll never be afraid when my time comes, because wherever it is that we go, she will be there waiting for me.

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