Thursday, June 3, 2010

Packing Fails

Every year, without fail, I forget to pack something green to wear on St. Patrick's Day. Last year I borrowed a green sweater from one of my coworkers, but this year, I ended up in pink and black with little blue and black bruises (from all the pinching that occurred).
Which made me reminisce about all the other packing fails I've experienced (or heard of), such as:

1. Underwear. I usually don't mind so much if I forget it because I love shopping for it. Bonus enjoyment if it occurs during the Victoria Secret Semi Annual sale. Extra, high roller bonus if you're in a city without a car that only has a La Perla in walking distance!

2. Heels (client was not happy to see me in a skirt and Uggs all day). I was in the middle of Virginia where there was only one department store (and it was closed for rennovations), so I had to borrow a pair from a coworker, one size too big, and stuffed kleenex in the toe so they fit!

3. Makeup. Who looked like a puff fish all week?

4. Airplane pillow. When I forget my airplane pillow, I am a wreck, because it means I will not be comfortable sleeping on my flight. And I cannot stay awake. So forgetting my airplane pillow = most miserable 1.75 hours of my life.

5. iPod. I can fly without it, but not workout. Therefore, if I forget it, I can pretty much chalk up the week to eating way too many calories and drinking way too much, because that's what I'll do with the hour I was supposed to spend at the gym! Or, I'll go the gym, and walk around aimlessly. Either way, it's bad for my waistline.

Who am I kidding? I am miserable at working out during the week... But I am good at eating and drinking...

6. Tights. Which would be terrible in the winter, especially when you packed only 4 blouses for 4 days, 1 blouse only goes with 1 skirt, and now you will freeze to death because it's 30 degrees in the office! My friend Brie told me that if she packs a pair with a hole, and she has to "perform some mcguiver surgery in the hotel room."

7. Socks. Holla at the barefoot girl in tennis shoes, with blisters, leaving the gym.

8. Umbrella. I have countless stories of forgetting it, and looking like a drenched rat at a meeting because I had to walk 20 minutes in the pouring rain from my parking space. But on the upside, I have curly hair so it's not so terrible if it gets wet. However, wet hose, shoes, and pant hems are miserable in air conditioned buildings. 

But let me tell you... I have not forgotten underwear, an umbrella, or tights in a long time. I guess even the best of us can learn right?

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