Thursday, June 17, 2010

Too Young to be Platinum

A few weeks ago, I arrived at XNA to fly home with my usual airline, at the usual check in time, with the same luggage, ID, and demeanor. I didn't recognize the woman who was behind the counter, and she informed me that she was the regional manager visiting the airport for the day. Since the airport is so small, it is sometimes tricky to get help, so she was happy to check me in. I handed her my ID, she looked me up, and gave me a worried look.

"Oh honey, you are much too young to be platinum."

I looked at her, and said, "26?" And she gave me a slight smile.

So, this made me start to think. Am I really too young to be a road warrior? I look at my friends who are at home, with their boyfriends or husbands, their beds, their routine, on a daily basis. They have fresh groceries and pets, happy hours and tv nights. I imagine I'll have that one day. But truthfully, if it wasn't for the long commutes by plane, the grueling hours at work, and the road warrior life, I wouldn't have found my passion for travel. Japan, Brazil, Australia, would still all be dreams. Being a "road warrior" funds my passion and the adventures I'm lucky to have.

The woman said to me, "Do you ever get tired of the travel?" And I thought for a moment. I thought about the miles and the hotel points, the wonderful people I've met who have truly become a part of me, the experiences I've had that all my friends are jealous of, and I smiled.

"No. I'm just waiting for the day the travel life gets sick of me!"

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