Sunday, July 11, 2010


Since seeing the love of my life, Anthony Bourdain, head to Singapore in an episode of No Reservations, I have been dying to visit this unique and bustling city.

As eating is one of my favorite hobbies of all time, and I love Asian cuisine, I thought Singapore could be my heaven, as it has a unique and delicious fushion cuisine of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Western influences. In watching the episode, I drool over the Bak Chor Mee noodle dish with shrimp, fish balls, and pork (although I think I'll skip the Indian specialty Haji Kadir, a dish of bright red dyed meat and bone marrow).

I even purchased a travel guide on the small country so I could study up and start to plan my adventures there.

Then I received an email about the brand new Marina Bay Sands Resort, and considering how much I love to lounge and relax in a beautiful pool, and lay eyes on a great view of a new city... I think my Singapore visit just rose to the top on my priority list!

What a resort! Now the most expensive resort ever built, it includes an indoor canal, opulent art, casino, outdoor plaza, convention centre, theatre, crystal pavilion and museum shaped like a lotus flower. I probably won't visit any of the other ammenities, maybe the casino, but I can already picture myself lounging in the 55 story-high infinity pool, some exotic drink in hand:

At about $600 a night, it's some expensive lounging. But I think I'll start saving now. Surely I already have a couple hundred in change lying around my apartment.

Singapore, here I come! Who's coming with me?

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