Friday, July 2, 2010

Cheers to the Travel Gods

A few weeks ago, my coworkers and I arrived at our regional airport to prepare for our flight back to Chicago. We were about an hour from takeoff as we strolled through security and collected our belongings. We were pondering the usual question, "Drinkie? Or no drinkie?", when we heard our names over the loudspeaker.

My immediate assumption was, "Uggghhhhhh....", that our flight had been cancelled. When we arrived at the gate to inquire, the attendant explained that there was a jet that had been parked at the airport since early that morning, waiting for a part. And now, the part had arrived and been replaced in the jet, and it was ready to head back to Chicago. She asked if we would like to board it, which would give us an earlier arrival in our home city.

Of course!

We boarded, making fun of each other as always, and our mouths dropped upon passing through the door. The plane was not a regional jet - it was your normal, two seats on each side, two or more bathrooms, first class, jet! Since there were only nine of us, and nine seats in first class.... We chose the more plush seating with great views of the cockpit!

The flight attendants explained that they had been stuck at the airport all day, and as they presented us with margaritas (which were quite good) and bags of trail mix, we laughed at their stories and understood their desire to head home. We learned a great deal about the attendants, what their life is like, as they relaxed and chatted with the nine of us in first class. I felt relaxed and happy after my three margaritas, amazed at my good luck after three years of flying on such tiny, cramped little planes.

Thank you travel gods for one relaxing, enjoyable flight!

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