Monday, January 21, 2013

A Gorgeous Desert Retreat

I attended a wedding celebration that was truly loving and unique in Palm Springs, California, this past weekend. The hotel and festivities took place at The Parker, a resort that is eclectic, exclusive, lush, and unbelievably relaxing. You wake up in the mornings and walk through jungle greenery to find little nooks where you can relax with a book and peel an orange... You can enjoy a massage and take a morning yoga class, or head to the pool and enjoy lovely vodka lemonades while getting your Vitamin D... You can play tennis or croquet or botchi ball with friends under little lights dangling from the trees. It is a truly fantastic and relaxing place.

Enjoying a vodka lemonade...

 Gazing up at the beautiful palm trees that line the resort...

One of many quirky design details!

What I loved about the resort was it's charm and attention to detail. The decorating in the room was quite different - you felt like you were at your crazy aunt's house who hadn't left since the 1960's. But the photography showed celebrities who had stayed at the resort, and the sheepskin rugs at your bedside felt amazingly soft under your feet. The toiletries they left in the marble and mirror bathroom were expensive and luxurious. I could get a latte at any time of the day and it was delicious. There were swings and hammocks and fire pits. The breakfast food at Norma's was amazing, and it felt so nice to sit in the sun while you enjoyed it. Of course, the wedding was stunning and the bride super relaxed, happy, and in love.

It was a perfect place for me to recharge. You notice I haven't been writing much? Work has been stifling my light for life. I have spent so much time worrying about it and focusing on it, trying to grow in my career, that I've neglected what I really love and where I should focus. My friends, writing, relaxing, and loving have all fallen by the wayside. I've been a terrible girlfriend. I haven't planned ANY travel - this isn't like me at all! The weekend really proved to me how precious a little rest and relaxation can be at the right place, with the right people.

My latte loves me, and I love it just as much!

That sexy boyfriend of mine enjoying a brunch quesadilla!
I am already planning to purchase my parents tickets and reservations to travel there with me and my boyfriend next year. It truly is the most perfect desert oasis!

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