Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Honolulu Hideout: The Pink Palace!

I have a romantic fascination with historic hotels.  I love walking through their corridors and looking out upon their gardens or beaches and imagining the celebrities of the past doing the same. On my trip last September to Hawaii, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I insisted that we stay in “The Pink Palace.”  At the time we made the reservation, I didn’t know much about its history, but I knew it was a nice resort on the beach and that was enough for me.

I was immediately fascinated upon checking in.  We arrived at night and the hotel seemed mystical tucked into a jungle, with a long drive underneath the pink, Spanish-Morrish structure. The lobby was grand and open to the beautiful landscape and warm air of the Hawaiin night. I loved it! And our room was small, but gorgeous, with a separate sitting room decorated with pink pillows and looking out onto the pink roof. I'm so glad we stayed in the historical side of the hotel and loved the upgrade!

What I love so much about the resort, is the idea that it was one of the first resorts, and it looks so different than the other hotels located on the beach.  I imagine what it must have been like in the early days, to embark on a long five day sea voyage, only to arrive with numerous trunks, servants, and your own Rolls Royce vehicle. But beyond the grandeaur and luxury, I was so relaxed in its interior, perhaps the most relaxed after enjoying a couple mai tai’s and rocking back and forth on one of its many rocking chairs overlooking the evening scene on the beach.

It was truly one of my most favorite travel experiences, and hotels. And as you now know, my love goes way beyond its gorgeous pink color!

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  1. A real pink palace? That I gotta see. I hope they have a playroom or entertainment center hidden in there somewhere because I will definitely bring along my nieces. You mentioned Spanish-Moorish structure and it got me interested on how such architectural style would look like in pink. :)

    Terence Watthens