Friday, March 12, 2010

Be Wary of Good Looking Flight Attendants

There are a few things I always do on flights. Like, I always nap with my blue pillow. Or, I always hold my coat in my lap. I take photos with my iPhone (usually of pretty sunsets, or cities from the sky, or crazy people on my flight). And I like to people watch, both the attendants and the other passengers.

There was one occassion where I was on my usual small regional plane either going to Arkansas or flying back home. The flight attendant looked similar to one of my ex boyfriends, very good looking. I watched him for awhile, but he was a bit boring, so I decided to fall asleep.

The first time he woke me up, he asked if I wanted something to drink. He stared at me in a very uncomfortable way, with a sly smile. But I told him no thanks and dismissed it. The second time he woke me up, he was coming back through after delivering drinks. He came a bit close to my face upon asking me if I had changed my mind. I was irritated, and told him no.

I fell back asleep, but started to stir as I felt someone holding onto my shoulder. Then, the hand traveled (a little south and to the west if you know what I mean), and rested on the inside of my elbow. So I woke up, confused, disgusted, to see the flight attendant staring at me as his hand now rested near my elbow.

Flight attendant: "I was going to recline your seat so you would be more comfortable."

Me: "Um, what? Uh, no, no thanks."

Flight attendant: "Are you sure? You look uncomfortable." (with creepy smile)

Me: "No, I'm definitely sure. Thanks."

Looking back, I wish I would have thought of something bitchy and startling to say. But I was in my airplane coma and in a state of light shock, so I've forgiven myself.

About a year later, I was on another flight, another small regional plane, and lo and behold who would I see waiting inside the cabin for the passengers to board? Him! Had my handy iPhone ready (as always), and decided to take a picture of the jerk.

Ladies, you have been warned...

PS This is in no way a reflection of the airline. This is an exception to the 200+ occassions I've flown with them, as I've never encountered anyone else so creepy working for them!

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