Thursday, March 18, 2010

When the Cat's Away, the Monkey will Play!

I have to start this specific blog post with a confession. I am twenty six years old, and I still travel with a stuffed animal.

Waiting for the chuckling to subside.

He is very important to me as I've had him since I was tiny, and he has a way of always making me feel at home. He's adorable, flexible (can contort to all kinds of positions in my luggage), and a little dirty. He is a monkey. Sometimes I wonder what exactly the maids who clean my hotel rooms think. Do they wonder if he has one of those nanny spy cameras inside him? Do they wonder if I travel with a child? Do they wonder what kind of adult business woman is weird enough to carry a monkey? Do they wonder why the woman who always brings the monkey is so endlessly messy?

Sometimes, I return home, and am unpleasantly surprised to see my monkey is not located in the bed where I left him. Sometimes I find him in a yogi position, perched on top of the pillows. Sometimes I find him resting on top of a pile of clothes, guarding them. Sometimes I find him hiding under the blankets (which makes me wonder if the maids thought he was scary or creepy and therefore covered him away (something I do with my grandma's china dolls).

Here are some of the more creative locations where I've found him:

Pretending that he is King Kong, climbing the skyscraper of pillows:

And I thought he was afraid of heights!

Playing with my laptop bag:

Cheating on me! (in truth, this was not in a hotel room but at home, with my best friend so it was okay)

Laying seductively across the bed after stitching a sweet message into my pillow:

As my monkey takes on new adventures, I will continue to post pictures. :)

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