Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Travel Family: Quincy

It's so true that when you're on the road, you encounter people that become regular milestones in your week. They have the pleasure of seeing you at your regular passing through points. It's the same TSA guys at the Chicago airport, in the same security line. There are the same baristas at the same Starbucks. The same bartender at XNA. The same hotel staff, the same security guards at the office, same waiters and waitresses at the same restaurants...

It's only fair to feature the people that help make each day for me, wonderful.

This time, I'd like to feature Quincy, a new addition to my travel family. Quincy is the night attendant at my home away from home, the aLoft.

Quincy is great. He is funny. He teases me when he notices I didn't wake up and head to the gym at my regular 5:30 am time. He asks how I'm feeling. He tells me about school and what he wants to do with his life. I love the five to ten minutes we catch up everyday.

Last night, a few of my coworkers and I were celebrating an early birthday drink in the lounge when he arrived at work. He gave me a quick birthday hug, and I headed upstairs for the night. When I came downstairs this morning, I saw this at the desk:

At first I thought, "Wow, there's another Emily having a birthday today?" And then realized it was for me. Quincy then appeared from behind the office door with my favorite orange, blueberry cupcake, with a candle lit on top, singing, "Happy Birthday."

Was I embarassed? Yes. But it's so wonderful the thoughtful acts of kindness people provide while you are on the road that make you feel special, that make every single day worthwhile.

Thank you Quincy, for being full of energy, friendly, and wonderful, in every way.

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