Friday, March 5, 2010

Pink is the New Black

When I graduated college and decided to become a consultant, I had an immediate need for luggage (although it would be almost a year before I could really use it). My dad, a sophisticated business traveller himself, decided he would purchase the luggage for me as a gift, and my mom agreed to help me pick it out. I was a bit naive, thinking I could be the "Elle Woods" of consulting. I imagined my office space to be something like this:

So I picked fuschia luggage, a three piece set (duffel bag, rolling bag, and small carry on). I stored it in my closet until my first traveling project, to Jacksonville, Florida. I was so excited to bring the luggage out, pack up my business clothes, and head out into the travelling world! But I quickly learned the downfalls of having such attention getting luggage (although it was very easy to spot on the baggage carousel).

First, the senior executives (men and women) on my projects would tease me about the bright pink luggage. Then I would notice other men business travellers teasing each other, as in, "Oh Joe, that must be your suitcase over there har har har." It also made me very easy to spot, which I learned is quite unwanted given the amount of creepsters who travel each week. "Oh, there's that blonde girl with the pink luggage. I'll go say hi." No thanks. Soon my father also joined in the teasing...

Within a year, the luggage was retired. It was not, in fact, due to the teasing or unwanted attention, but because it was a cheap brand and the luggage easily tore and the straps ripped. I still have the small carry on, but it's hiding under prom dresses and high school uniforms at my parent's house. Now when I purchase luggage, I look for "spinners" (wheels that move in any direction), comfortable straps, shape, durability, and weight. I have become one of them! Although I did find a great carry on recently in purple that is light, durable, comfortable, easy to move... Thank you Samsonite.

But there are times I miss the early days of the pink luggage.

Two years have passed since I departed with my first set of luggage. But a few months ago, I was at the airport, and what did I see?

My pink rolling bag, strolling through the airport with a grown, professional man. And I couldn't help but have a moment of nastalgia and laugh. I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and ask him how he liked it, was it his wife's? His daughter's? But sometimes I think it's better to leave fellow travelers alone. You just never know.

I had a quick chuckle, and sent the photo to my dad...

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